The EWL has initiated and organised several research projects, resulting in publications.

In 1999 a study on the European Works Council has been published: M. Rigaux – F. Dorssemont, European Works Councils. A legal analysis of the European Works Council: towards a revision of the Directive (EC) No 94/45?, Intersentia, Antwerpen/Groningen 1999.

In 2004 a research project on restructuring of enterprises has been resulted in a publication: C. Sachs-Durand (ed), La place des salariés dans les restructurations en Europe Communautaire / The Situation of workers in restructuring in the European Union, Strasbourg, 2004.

    In 2002 the group organised jointly with the ILO a colloquy on ‘citizenship in and of the enterprise’.

    In 2003 the university of Cassino in cooperation with the EWL held an international conference on discrimination law in employment.

    The Utrecht University organised in 2004 an expert meeting on the subject of Collective bargaining between the life cycle and the business cycle, in cooperation with the EWL, the European Trade Union Institute and the Institute of labour Studies.

    In 2004 a project has been started to which the EWL is participating on ‘evaluation of the application of the posting directive (96/71/EEC)’. The project is initiated and coordinated by the Institut de Travail in Strasbourg (Fabienne Müller)

    Also in 2004 a conference, a joint project of the university of Ghent and EWL, was devoted on the ‘Application of ILO standards in national law’.

    In 2005 a colloquy has been organised by the EWL and the university of Antwerp on the subject ‘Actual topics of dismissal law in a comparative perspective’.

    The group was also involved in the project on cross-border collective action, resulted in a book: F. Dorssemont, T. Jaspers, A. van Hoek (eds), Cross-Border Collective Actions in Europe. A Legal Challenge, Intersentia, Antwerp-Oxford, 2007.

    Members of the EWL have been contributed to the book by Frans Pennings, Yvonne Konijn, Albertine Veldman (ed), Social Responsibility in Labour Relations, Austin, Boston, Chicago, New York, The Netherlands (Kluwer), 2008.

    In 2009 the EWL have celebrated its tenth anniversary on which occasion a book has been published: Edoardo Ales, Teun Jaspers, Pascale Lorber, Corinne Sachs-Durand, Ulrike Wendeling-Schröder, Fundamental Social Rights in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities, Antwerp-Oxford-Portland, Intersentia 2009

    Members of the EWL have contributed to the book: Jens Schubert (Hrsg), Sozialer Dialog in der Krise – Social dialogue in crisis, Baden – Baden (Nomos), 2009

    Members of the EWL have participated in the project on collective action and fundamental freedoms, resulted in a publication: Edoardo Ales and Tonia Novitz (eds), Collective Action and Fundamental Freedoms in Europe. Striking the Balance, Antwerp, Oxford, Portland (Intersentia) 2010

    In 2011 a project has been started by Edoardo Ales on Health and Safety at Work. The book has been published: Edoardo Ales (ed.), Health and Safety at Work European and Comparative Perspective, Kluwer 2013. Apart from an introduction of Europeanm law on this subject and a concluding comparative cahpter the book entails contributions from 10 EU Member States.  

In 2014 a project has been started on ‘Collective bargaining in Europe – comparative perspectives’. The main theme of the project is the decentralisation tendency in several European countries. The project will result in a publication in 2016. Apart from countries reports the comparative approach on several issues will be the crucial part.

Members of the EWL are cooperating with researchers of other universities in carrying out research projects.

    The EWL had participated with the European Platform on Social Dialogue and the Belgian Federal Ministry of Labour in a project on ‘Social dialogue in Europe’ in which several Eastern European Countries were involved. Marc Rigaux and Jan Rombouts (eds), The Essence of Social Dialogue in (South East) Europe, Intersentia, Antwerp-Oxford 2006.

    Members of the group (Ales and Jaspers) have belonged to a group of experts (presided by Ales) on Transnational collective bargaining: Past, Present and Future. Report for the European Commission, 2006. It has been published on the Website of the European Commission.

    Members (Joaquin Aparicio Tovar, Teun Jaspers en Berta Valdés de la Vega) have participated in a research project (2004-2007) on Social regulation of European transnational companies, CNRS.COMPTRASEC related to the University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV(part of the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme). coordinated by Isabelle Daugareilh from the

    Members of the group (Lorber, Sachs-Durand) have participated in a project directed by Filip Dorssemont and Thomas Blanke on the Recast of the European Works Council Directive, published in 2010 (by Intersentia, Antwerp, Oxford, Portland)

    Members of the group have participated in a project of the European Commission on Transnational Company Agreements. The report has been published on the website of the Commission: Study on the characteristics and legal effects of agreements between companies and workers' representatives (2012)