The EWL organises annual conferences enabling graduate students to present their research and to undertake in cooperation with each other comparative study of the national systems.

First, four students from each participating university present their written report on national law on the annual theme of the conference. The students are then divided into four groups comprising one representative of each participating university. Each group is given a comparative research question to explore culminating in a group presentation on the final day of the conference.

In recent years, the themes of the annual conference were: affirmative action (Cassino, 2007), the right to strike (Leicester, 2008), European Works Councils (Hannover, 2009), the rights of agency workers (Strasbourg, 2010), employment without contract (Utrecht, 2011), economic dismissal (Almagro, Castilla-La Mancha, 2012), pay (Cassino, 2013), reconciling work and family life (Leicester 2014), collective bargaining (Utrecht, 2015), working time (Strasbourg, 2016), privacy (Frankfurt a/Oder, 2017) and dismissal for non-economic reasons (Ciudad Real, 2018).

Below we give links to the reports. Please bear in mind that the reports are the products of students and that the laws and circumstances described may have become outdated due to developments after comletion of the reports.

Dismissal for a reason other than an economic one

Spanish report.pdf

UK Report.pdf

Italian report - EWL 2018.pdf

Dutch Report.pdf

French Report.pdf

German Report.pdf


Dutch Report.pdf

French report EWL 2017.pdf

German Report 2017.pdf

Italian report - EWL 2017.pdf

Polish Report 2017 EWLL.pdf

Spanish report.pdf

UK report EWL 2017 final.pdf

Working time regulation


UK report working times.pdf

Italian Report - Ewl 2016 (3).pdf

EWL french team report.pdf

Spanish report.pdf

German Report.pdf

Changes in the organization of collective bargaining

Dutch report.pdf

French report EWL.pdf

German Report.pdf

Italian Report Ewl 2015.pdf

Spanish Report EWL.pdf

UK report.docx