Student seminars



Every year a student seminar in one of the participating universities on an issue of labour law and social security law. At the seminar, students occupy central stage. They are assisted by professors and assistant lecturers during preparatory work, but at the actual seminar the students are on their own! For three days, students from different nationalities hold lectures and workshops on a common issue and through discussion and debate, try to draw comparative conclusions:




       Université de Strasbourg


 o   1999 Worker’s representation


 o   2005 Age and discrimination


 o   2010 Temporary Agency Work



    Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"


 o   2001 Fundamental rights in the enterprise



    Universitá di Cassino


 o   2007 Affirmative action


 o   2013 Wages and wage setting


    Utrecht Universiteit


 o   2000   Collective workers’ rights

 o   2004 Change of the employment contract and dismissal law

2011 Persons without a contract of employment performing work personally

 o 2015 Changes in the organization of collective bargaining




    Universität Hannover


 o   2003 Equal treatment

 o   2009 The European Works Council: need for a change?



    University of Leicester


o   2008 The right to strike and Viking & Laval

o  2014 Reconciliation Work and Family Life



    Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha



o   2012 Termination of a contract at the initiative of the employer based on economic grounds (individual and collective termination)


   Universiteit van Antwerpen


o   2002 Restructuring of enterprise

o   2006 Precarious employment