European Working group on Labour Law


The European Working Group on Labour Law (EWLL) is a cooperation network of Labour Law Professors at seven European universities.

Its members focus on studying, researching and teaching both individual and collective labour law and social security law in their social, historical, societal and economic context.

EWLL cooperates in two fields:

  • Each year we organise an intensive student seminar on topics of comparative and European labour law.
  • We undertake joint research on comparative and European labour law.


The EWL organises an annual conference for the training and development of graduate students. During the seminars, students present reports on a common topic and compare the different national approaches to the topic.

First, four students from each participating university present their written report on national law on the annual theme of the conference. The students are then divided into four groups comprising one representative of each participating university. Each group is given a comparative research question to explore culminating in a group presentation on the final day of the conference.

Below, with more information on the seminars, we also provide some of the reports. Please bear in mind that the reports are the products of students and that the laws and circumstances described may have become outdated due to developments after completion of the reports.

The next students‘ seminar will take place at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, on March 24th to 27th, 2020, on questions of workers’ representations, with particular attention to small enterprises.

Information on the seminars


Members of the network meet regularly to pursue joint research projects or organise workshops and conferences in the field of comparative and European Labour Law. Doctoral researchers are encouraged to conduct research abroad within the EWLL network.

Some of EWLL’s publications:

Academic workshops and conferences:

  • EWLL organised a panel on collective labour law in Europe in a comparative perspective at the Labour Law Research Conference in June 2015 in Amsterdam.
  • In the context of the 2018 students’ seminar, an International Labour Law Seminar took place on March 15th, 2018. Topic: “Developments in dismissal regulation in the last 10 years: the case of Spain”.
  • To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the EWLL in 2019, a workshop on the impact of the European Social Pillar will be held at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom.